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Cambie General Store & Bakery: Cypress Sandwich

The redbrick walls reminds me of an uptown New Yorker cafe, simple but chic.
The warm colours of red and oranges provided by the bricks along with the display lights makes this cafe seem warm and inviting.



My sandwich named Cypress featuring pan-fried chicken, lettuce and pesto mayo on focaccia bread.
My rating: ★★★½
The chicken was a bit dry but the materials they used are definitely fresh.  The focaccia bread is the perfect consistency and baked to warm.
The sandwich is overall hearty and healthy but I found that it lacked some favor.  It was just a bit on the bland side for my liking.



This cafe offers Build you own sandwiches too. They have a wide selection of breads, meats, veggies and sauces.
My friend ordered their Cordova sandwich which features salami, lettuce, tomatoes and pesto mayo on white bread. She substituted the bread with focaccia at no extra cost and on top of that, we received student discounts (10% off) with our Student ID’s!
I liked her sandwich a lot more! The spicy salami enhanced the favor and the tomato gave some moisture to the sandwich.



Food: ★★★½ 
Service: ★★★ (order-and-pay, self-serve style)
Ambiance: ★★★ 
Overall: ★★★

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